October is Here!!

October 3, 2008 at 5:13 pm (Undefined) (, , )

It is finally October, I love this time of year! I am such a fall fanatic. I love the colours of the trees as they change from spring green to reds and oranges and browns. I really should break out the camera again and go for a walk in the neighbourhood before all the leaves fall and it starts to rain continously. I love the rain and the cold weather. Call me crazy but bundling up in a warm blanket and reading a good book on the couch or just sitting and watching the rain fall with a cup of warm tea or apple cider is one of my favourite things to do. I love that I can finally start wearing cozy sweaters and long sleeve shirts and jackets and hoodies and scarfs and hats without people thinking that I’m crazy. Fall is wonderful!

But my most favourite thing about fall is the food. I love all the fresh apples and pumpkins and butternut squashes. It means that I can make fresh apple pie, pumpking pie (a specialty of mine I’m told), apple-cranberry cider, chai tea, beef stew with biscuits, oatmeal with raisins and apples, gingerbread cake, pumpkin loaf, chili, chicken and mushroom casserole, mushroom soup, butternut squash soup, all the yummy “stick to your ribs and warm you from the inside” foods. I think my project for this weekend is going to be to make slow-cooker beef stew and a soup of some kind (bring on the ReBar cookbook!) It is so nice to be able to heat up a bowl of soup when you’re tired and cold and hungry. I’m also going to have to make something yummy to bring to work for treats on Monday. Hmmm, baking weekend, can’t wait to find recipes and share!


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  1. Jennifer said,

    I also LOVE fall!! It’s one of my favorite seasons. Second to winter. I agree with you, I got home from school today changed into sweats, under a blanket and going to do some reading while listening to the rain. Bring on Fall!

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