Day of Blah

January 29, 2009 at 9:34 pm (Undefined)

Lately I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by life. It’s dawned on me that I’m going to be done school in a little over 3 months and I don’t know what I want to do with myself. Sure I’ve got an offer for a permanent position with my current work, but the more I work there, the more I feel it’s not what I really want to be doing. Not that I really know what I want from life, I’m hoping that eventually I’ll get some kind of sign. If only it would come soon, or I’d have enough money to try a bunch of new things until I found my purpose.


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Good Weekend, Hectic Week

January 20, 2009 at 5:44 am (Undefined, Weight) (, )

This past weekend I went home, again, against my better judgement. I had already made plans to get my hair cut, help my bf get new glasses and go to a friend’s surprise party so I couldn’t just say no. Luckily this weekend I was totally able to stay on track (with of course a little piece of chocolate cake) and this morning I was down 0.4! I’m so happy because being back I tend to go out to eat a lot and it’s hard to know exactly how many points I’m eating. I’m just really happy I was able to stick to good choices and monitor my hunger.

Now that I’m home, it’s time to hit the ground running and get all my assignments and reports done. I’ve got something due in every class! Today I finished one assignment (due today) and just finished doing a last minute read of a report (due at midnight) so I’m glad that over with. Now it’s on to the report due Thursday and the assignment for Friday morning. I really hope my textbook comes in the mail in the next few days!

This weeks goals are to continue eating within my points and learning from my past time challenges by starting assignments as soon as they are posted. I guess I better get back to it then 🙂

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Need for an update

January 15, 2009 at 3:48 am (Undefined) (, , )

I realize it’s been a while since I’ve posted and much has happened, so here goes!

The last week and a bit I’ve been getting back into running with my best friend. Is it ever nice to have a running buddy! Last Tuesday was our first night out and it was POURING rain. We were absolutely soaked when we got home but we drove to Timmy’s and had nice steaming bowls of soup and a donut 🙂 We also decided to meet again on Thursday, rain or shine. Thursday was so cold (for the climate) and my legs were sore from lack of stretching (oops, we learned our lesson) but we went out for another hour. Tuesday I decided it’s about time I got some outdoor running pants, so I’m now the proud owner of reflective running tights! I feel like such a pro 😉 Since it was Tuesday, I even got to try them out and they are so comfy! It also seems that Tuesday is our Timmy’s night, cuz after our run we walked around the corner for another bowl of soup and donut. It feels so good to be out exercising and spending time with my best friend.

This week has been a little more challenging food wise. Friday night, we did movie night because my bf had bought my parents everything they needed, gift certificates for pizza and movies, beer, orange soda (for my sister), caramel popcorn and chocolates! I petitioned for beef taco thin crust pizza (3pts a slice) and got some low-fat kettle corn (3pts for 3.5 cups) but I still gained a pound the next day 😦 Saturday I hopped on the ferry home for a quick visit and got to have sushi lunch (yum) and then unexpectedly dim sum in the morning. Not the best meal to have on a diet, but I managed to get some gai lan for most of my meal and splurged on a sesame ball and a bbq pork steam bun (two of my fav chinese foods!) I was really good and had a salad for dinner while I waited for the ferry back to school. Monday I’d gained another pound, which I thought was good, but I really wanted to be down 2 lbs this week. Monday and Tuesday went well, I made turkey stroganoff (with whole wheat, yolk free egg noodles!!) and was back down to Friday’s weight but Mom decided to get fish and chips tonight. I told her that I would just have one piece of fish and some chips (15 pts, just what I had left!), but of course, she decided to get zucchini sticks for me (which I think are worse than chips sometimes!) I made myself some steamed broccoli and took one piece of fish, a small stack of chips and, because I have a weakness, an oyster. I was really happy to have the broccoli because it really filled out my plate, but I’m worried that I’m going back up tomorrow and won’t be able to work it off by WI Friday morning 😦 But I’m going to get right back on track tomorrow with my whole wheat banana bread and soy milk breakfast and fruit and veggie snacks throughout the day!

School is also getting crazy. I’ve got an assignment and two reports due next week! It’s been a challenge finding time to work on them at since my parents’ house is not well designed for multi-adult living. The living room is the only real work place and the only room with decent heat, the farther down the hall you go (towards my bedroom) the colder it gets. I feel like I’m living in a fridge sometimes! Luckily the school is decent to work at during the day and there are people that are able to help, yay!

So that’s me in a nutshell for the last week.

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So Slowly…

January 6, 2009 at 7:51 pm (Food, Undefined) (, , )

I don’t know if it’s just me, but this week is going so slowly! I am constantly thinking that it’s Wednesday or Thursday but alas, it’s only Tuesday. How did Monday feel so long?? Am I crazy?

I’m feeling much better this week since getting back on track with counting my points. I’d like to feel great accomplishment with this thought, but I still think it’s Thursday and over half the week is gone, so I’ve only really been back on track for two days. But the last two days were great, I took over the kitchen last night and made greek food! Spanikopitas (the frozen ones from Costco), lamb patties (ground lamb with mint, paprika and oregano), greek rice risotto (it was supposed to be pilaf but I put in a bit too much stock to counter the carrot and onion I added) and greek salad. It was delish and only 10 points for the meal! Yay!

I’m also down 4lbs on the home scale since Sunday, so I’m really happy for that too. Got to keep up the motivation and I’ll be back down to the 180’s by WI Friday!

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Day 1

January 5, 2009 at 6:50 pm (Undefined) ()

Back at school and back on track! Although technically it’s day 2 for being on track. I’m starting to think that moving home will not be as difficult as I predicted. I’m doing ok on food so far, my parents have some health conscious foods that I was able to pull together for snack and lunch today so that makes me happy. Next week I’ll be able to have more input on food purchases, I wonder what I should ask for?

It does feel odd being back in school. It was nice to get the extra 30 min of sleep this morning. Also nice to WALK to school! My parent’s live a 10 min walk away, so that’s automatically 20 min of activity a day! Since I’m a year behind everyone I once knew, there are lots of new faces. Fortunately, there are some old acquaintances too, which is awesome because my first class required us to form our own groups.

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2009 is here!

January 3, 2009 at 4:52 am (Plans, Weight) (, , , )

Welcome to 2009. I’m ready to get back on track after the Christmas season. I had a really hard time sticking with the program, for some reason eating healthy just wasn’t on my agenda. Running however was a big priority and often made me later for other planned activities.

This year is all about endings and challenges. For the first 4 months I’m moving back home with my parents to finish my engineering degree. This is going to be a big, huge challenge. First off, I’ve been out of school for 16 months, I’m not going to know most of the people there. Second, I’m working part-time still at my current job, holding a job and going to school have never really worked out for me but I’m hoping the reduced course load and the flexibility of the job will work out. Last and most challenging for me is living at home with my parents.

I’ve been living on my own or with others for almost 4 years now. I’ve gotten into my routines and way of doing things that works awesomely for me. I know how to shop and make yummy WW friendly foods. I take care of myself and do exercise. I’ve got a good groove going. When I’m at home that all goes in the gutter. Mom loves to make meals and goes WAY overboard with portion sizes and doesn’t like to use reduced fat foods (but loves to not use oil to stir fry and pan fried meats that benefit from healthy fats). She is constantly making food and then telling me what she put in it AFTER she’s overfilled my plate. I’m going to have to start making food more often, but there is no way that I can make food every night and my mother and sister are very attached to the current food situation (my dad however LOVES to try new foods and has told me he’s going to start eating healthier with me). I’m very worried about this but have got to find the strength to persevere and forge my own way. This is also something I’m going to work on in 2009: making me think I’m important and not caring what other people might think of me for acting that way.

2009 will also be the end of my weight issues. Come hell or high water, by Dec 31, 2009 I WILL WEIGHT 165 LBS OR LESS! I’m hoping that it can be done in 4 months or less but weight loss is a journey and it has ups and downs and plateaus that are all part of the process.

Ongoing good things that I’m looking forward to in 2009 include:

– Fully running the TC 10k in April,

– Making friends with all the new babies arriving this year,

– Spending more time with my fantastic, loving boyfriend, and

– Enjoying life and food to the fullest!

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