Change is good. Right?

January 11, 2013 at 11:48 pm (Weight) (, , )

This week was a bit sad. On Tuesday my sister-in-law and I were going to go snowshoeing. I’ve been trying to get out to the mountains more and SIL hasn’t ever been before (and she’s trying to find new avenues of exercise,too.) Well, Monday night John came home telling me that the forecast called for heavy rain, therefore heavy snow on the mountains. Since I’m a rebel and don’t have snow tires, he didn’t really want me to be driving up there in slippery conditions. Doesn’t help that my tires are getting older and should soon be replaced. Anyways, we decided to postpone our snowshoe date, hopefully for next week sometime, but the weather will decide.
The really, really sad part of the week was my Weight Watchers meeting. Everything was going great, I was down (almost back to pre-wedding weight again!) and the meeting was about to start when our leader told us that she was no long able to lead our meetings! She is absolutely awesome and by far the best leader I’ve ever had on WW and I was looking forward to reaching Lifetime with her. To be fair, the reason she can’t be our leader anymore is not because she doesn’t want to or because she’s no longer with Weight Watchers, kind of the opposite, she’d love to continue leading us but as she’s the center coordinator, corporate doesn’t want to have to pay her overtime to stay til the end of our meeting 😦 So at least we’ll be able to see her if we go into the center any other time. Hopefully our newest leader will get better with time, she was very nervous, and read mostly from her notes 😦 Only time will tell. But life is change, we have to accept it, so I will be going back next week and every other week until I reach goal.


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  1. Jennerful said,

    Change is good, that’s for sure!! I have a solution to your meeting issue! Come to our meetings on Wednesday evenings!

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