Date Night

January 30, 2013 at 9:04 pm (Food, Recipes) (, , )

Last night hubby and I decided to take advantage of cheap Tuesday at the movie theatre and go see Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. I knew that it was going to be a somewhat cheesy movie, so I decided our night would get a theme and Cheesy Date Night was born!

I was so excited by this plan that I took to Pinterest to find cheesy recipes for our dinner. Now I know that Pinterest does not always have the best WW friendly recipes (and a quick look at my profile would indicate that most of those recipes catch my eye…) but I searched through my pins and found three recipes that I would use for our cheese filled night.

First up was Tomato Cheddar Basil Soup. It uses Greek yoghurt to make it super creamy and I used light cheddar so it actually worked out to be only 2 ppts per serving! That’s insane!!! Every great soup deserves a good biscuit, doesn’t it? So I found Low-Fat Cheddar Chive Biscuits. I needed green onion for another dinner I’m planning and I didn’t want to get chives as well (was so nice when my parents had chives in the front yard that we could pick) so I swapped them out green onion tops and they went just perfectly with the soup. Here’s a picture of the two together!

Cheesy Soup and Biscuit

Soup: check. Biscuit: check. Cheese: everywhere!

Oh right, the biscuits were 4 ppts each so creamy tomato soup and cheddar biscuits together were 6 ppts! That’s what I call an awesome dinner deal.

We realised that it was getting close to movie time, so we headed over to the movie theatre. Once there we found out that unless we wanted to see the Imax (which I have issues with sometimes, but braved for The Hobbit just so that I could see the Star Trek trailer, another story) we had to see it in 3D AVX which added $5 to the cost of each ticket because of the better seats and assigned seating 😦 Luckily it was cheap Tuesday so we ended up paying what we would normally pay for a regular movie (and how many movies are general price these days? You almost always have to pay the extra for 3D, they shouldn’t even have a general admission IMO.) I also found a movie night out ticket it my wallet so we were able to get popcorn and drinks for $0.50 (upgrade to a large popcorn) and I brought along some White Cheddar popcorn seasoning to make it cheesy 🙂 This was by far the worst food I ate all night, and I wouldn’t normally eat popcorn at the theatre, but it was fun and date night should be fun!


Cheesy popcorn makings

We got to our seats just in time to watch the “pre-show” or as like to think of it, the product placement adds before the commercials. I went out for my usual pre-movie pee break and on the way back one of the ladies I had to pass got up so I had more room to pass. I said thanks, but that I was used to squeezing past people, and she made the comment that of course, I was skinny, I’d have no problems. I was secretly thrilled at this sudo compliment as I remember being as big as that lady was! I find it strange now that I was so thrilled to hear some stranger say that, but I am so bad at accepting compliments from people I know (something I really have to work on this year as I get to goal.)

After the movie, we came home and had some cheesy dessert: individual Cookies & Cream Cheesecakes. I found this recipe and pinned it for two reasons, 1. individual portions of things are SOOOO much easier to indulge in and 2. Hubby likes cookies and cream almost as much as I do 🙂 I debated taking the idea of the recipe, using a whole oreo as the bottom crust (which do fit perfectly in a muffin tin!) and then making a WW recipe for the cheesecake, but ricotta cheese was too expensive so I opted just to use light cream cheese and light sour cream instead so each cheesecake ended up being 6 ppts. I’m not sure that the WW modification would have saved me that much, considering 2 ppts of that was just for the oreo cookie, so I’m totally happy with the recipe as is.

Individula Cheesecake

Oreo cheesecake deliciousness!

All in all it was a fabulously fun and cheesy night AND in total the food damage was 25 ppts! Not too shabby for a date night, I mean if we’d gone out to dinner that total would have been much, much, much higher.

Hubby posing with the movie poster

Hubby posing with the movie poster

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