This is my about me…

I am a crazy, random, slightly oddball woman. I’m introverted, extroverted, sympathetic, empathetic, adventuresome, old, young, traditional, modern. Ok, I’m almost everything rolled into one… oh dear, there goes a song.

I live with an amazing man who is my husband who treats me like a queen. He is a geek, like me, and keeps me laughing and grounded and in love with him. He is also amazingly patient with me and eats everything I put in front of him, even if it’s experimental and looks like cement (Honestly, why would canned artichokes make scrambled eggs turn grey? Seriously delicious though…) I am thankful every day for having him.

I love to cook and bake, almost anything and I love to share the good stuff. I’m on Weight Watchers and will likely share some good recipes and meals I have. I love music, almost anywhere I go, I must have music. I love to sing along (I may not be good, but I know almost all the words) and I did at one point play the violin. I get addicted to things easily and love to try new things. I like to do outdoorsy things; camping, hiking, kayaking, running, walking. I like to do indoorsy things; computer games, video games, watching movies and tv shows, reading, sleeping, finding random things on the internet. When I get the time, I do have a fairly awesome camera that I take out to find good artsy photos.

I have a very official looking degree that says I’m a Mechanical engineer. This does not mean that I know a whole lot about the world of engineering, but I do love alternative energy and green solutions. These will probably show up somewhere on my blog. I’m still unsure of what I’m going to do with the rest of my life, I may try architecture (it’s always something I’ve loved), I may get my teacher’s certificate, who knows?

So now that you know about me, maybe you’ll understand the blog. Or maybe not, just enjoy it.


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