Down, Down, Down, Down…

Here I will post how I’m doing in the weight loss domain.

When I decided to start losing weight in January 2007, I weighted 264 lbs.

I was originally on the Herbal Magic diet, but that proved too difficult for the lifestyle that I have currently embraced. I switched to Weight Watchers at the end of May 2008 and I was 209 lbs.

Last week (Sept 10, 2008) I decided to challenge myself to lose 24 pounds by Christmas. Below is a record of how I do (and when I figure out how to add a tracker bar, I’ll throw that up for more visual stimulation!)

Sept 10, 2008: 192.2 lbs (start)

Sept 17, 2008: 185.0 lbs (-7.2)

Sept 24, 2008: 188.4 lbs (+3.4)

Oct 1, 2008: 186.2 lbs (-2.2)

Oct 8, 2008: 186.2 lbs (0)

Total Loss: 6 lbs

Left to reach Christmas Goal: 18 lbs

So I kind of lost my motivation for reaching my Christmas goal and for some reason, this year the season proved too much for me and I stopped really caring what I ate (but I still went to meetings). I ended up gaining a good chunk of weight back, but it’s a new year and a new program so here’s to 2009!

Jan 2, 2009: 197.0

Jan 9, 2009: 191.4 (down 5.6!)

Jan 15, 2009: 191.0 (down 0.4)

Jan 23, 2009: 188.6 (down 2.4)

Jan 30, 2009: 188.0 (down 0.6)

Feb 6, 2009: 183.8 (down 4.2)

Total Lost (WW): 25.2 lbs

Absolute Lost: 80.2 lbs

After falling off the wagon, I rejoined Weight Watchers again in 2011 with the goal of it being my last rejoining, EVER. PERIOD. THIS IS IT! *I’m not going to post all the weeks on here, because that one and a half years! But I will post my start, my pre-wedding and my current (from last weigh-in) weights.

Aug 11, 2011: 240.9 (start)

(many weeks here)

Sept 6, 2012: 188.6 (52.3 lbs down)

(more weeks here)

Dec 27, 2012: 195.5 (up 2.4 from the week before)

Jan 3, 2013: 192.3 (- 3.2 lbs)

Jan 10. 2013: 190.2 (-2.1 lbs)

Jan 17, 2013: 188.7 (-1.5 lbs)

Jan 24, 2013: 189.8 (+1.1 lbs)

Jan 31, 2013: 187.6 (-2.2 lbs)

Total Loss for THIS IS IT!: 53.3 lbs

Pounds to Healthy Weight Range: 13.6 lbs


1 Comment

  1. Jennifer said,

    Your doing great T!! Don’t get down on yourself if you dont make your goal exactly, but so far you have done very well.

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