First Week

January 7, 2013 at 9:49 pm (Weight) (, , )

Well, first weight in of 2013 is done. Really proud of myself for getting back into the program so quickly, I was down 3.2lbs so lost everything that I gained the week of Christmas! Just another 3.7 to go to get back down to my lowest.
Since Friday I’ve had a heck of a time keeping with the program though. Friday I had a super tough workout, but more so I was feeling super lightheaded and weak and that usually leads to overeating to compensate and then eating sugar-filled foods as a pick-me-up. Saturday we were invited to a games night at my brother- and sister-in-law’s place. I knew that we’d be out late, I’d been up early and there would be bad food choices there, but somehow through the day I was also not making great choices and ended up getting there with only 5ppts left 😦 I think that I will blame the fact that I was baking goodies for my church leaders in preparation for Sunday morning (I volunteered to bring snacks for all the workers that were going to be there from 7:30am!) so I a. focused more on that then making actual meals and b. had to taste one of the scones (maple-oat, 3ppts each) and muffins (blueberry, low-fat, 4ppts each.) Anyways, I started the night well stocking my plate with veggies, a delicious jalapeno greek yoghurt dip and turkey meatballs, but only managed to stay awake to the end of the night by downing copious amounts of diet soda and chowing on chocolate cookies. Not my finest hour.

Sunday was decidedly better. Up early to do final snack prep then off to set-up at church. Finished my serving there then headed to our cousin’s baptism at his home church followed by pho noodle soup for lunch. Super awesome points-wise and cleared out my sinuses nicely! Then it was mostly lazy day from there. Dinner was a bit sketchy, but I ended up with a big pile of veggies covered in turkey, some cheese and some salsa, none of which was remotely appetizing (except maybe the cheese.) And then I derailed again and made chocolate mug cakes, with PB chips for dessert. For the record, I had 10ppts left in my day, but I don’t think cake was the best use for them.

At least today I maintained the weight at my daily weigh-in and my plans for the week involve bootcamp today (DONE!), snowshoeing with my SIL tomorrow and then bootcamp again on Wednesday and Friday. I also have high hopes for setting up a food schedule so that I can pre-plan some meals and have more protein and veggies in the house ready to eat. Time will tell if I follow through on that one.


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