Three Posts in a Row

October 3, 2008 at 5:34 pm (Weight) (, , )

Work has been ridiculously busy lately and I’ve barely gotten a break to do anything, let alone find time to write a post. So I’ve innondated the blog with three posts today. In theory, I wanted to publish Gradma’s Fabric on Tuesday, but my computer didn’t save automatically and I lost over half of what I had written (I hope my re-write was somewhat close to the original). And of course, October is Here was ment to post on Wednesday, but I was busy bustin’ my ass on the treadmill and getting ready for my weigh in. Yesterday was a fantastic 13 hour work day that involved four ferry rides and three hours of driving. So now I’m here, Friday at last and not a whole lot to do this weekend (at least nothing I have to get up super early for).

I have now updated my weigh in page. I had a not so great week two weeks ago, a friendly get together with lots of food and fun followed by a really late dinner where I overate did not help. Last week was very good though, despite eating at my favourite breakfast restaurant on Sunday when I knowingly had a Turkey dinner get together that night (there were tons and tons of warm veggie side dishes that I piled up beside my small portion of turkey then avoided all the pies and tarts and opted for a fruit dessert. Just proves that I can splurge and have fun as long as I plan and stick to it.

This week discovered the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches and I will never look back. Those things are freaking delicious!!! And so filling, for only 2 points each!!! I refuse to leave any less than two packages of those in my freezer 🙂 I also went on the treadmill for 45 minutes on Monday and Wednesday, so I’m hoping to do it again tonight and then keep it up next week. It’s really fairly easy to do while watching an episode of Babylon 5 (I’ve got another 2.6 seasons to go and then there’s always House, Heroes, and Doctor Who if I get bored). I haven’t been running, but I’ve been doing hills at a fast walking pace that leaves my legs feeling a bit like jelly and my shirt wet, so I think it’s good enough. I discovered that I shuffle my feet some while I’m walking, which doesn’t really affect me when using a motorized treadmill (like the one at my boyfriend’s house) but I’ll have to learn to pick up my feet when going on the manual tradmill at home. I’m looking forward to another good loss this week, got to keep on that schedule for my goal!


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